Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995)

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Starring: Kajol, Shah Rukh Khan, Amrish Puri

This is an average Indian flick, Masala…if you will. Melodramatic, fun, and somewhat predictable. But I enjoyed watching it. I would reccomend this for anyone who likes Indian movies, and has nothing to watch on a summer afternoon.

From the beginning we see Chaudhry Baldev Singh (Amrish Puri) feeding doves and reminiscing about his motherland…India. Search me why he came to London and lived there for over 20 years if he hated it so much. After his spiel, the story moves on…and we meet Chaudhry’s daughter, Simran (Kajol). Her mother sneaks into her room, takes a peak at the girl’s diary, and Simran bursts into a song about the literal man of her dreams.

Afterwards, we see the meanwhile with Raj (Shahrukh Khan) playing soccer, partying, and becoming the first person to ever fail in his college. Well, when the next scene has Raj and his father chatting with a bottle of champagne…we realize just how insane his old man is. The guy is actually proud that Raj failed, because it continued a family tradition…of either not having an education, or just plain being a loser. Raj then talks his good old dad into letting him go on a trip to Europe for a month or so before settling down.

Back to Simran, and apparently…she also wants to go to Europe, as her father has just announced to her that she is to be engaged to his best friend’s son back in India. Simran pleads with her father to let her travel, as she has never asked him for anything (at least…that’s what we’re led to believe). Her father caves in, and Simran gets to go.

Wouldn’t you know it, Raj and Simran end up catching the train at the same time, but just late enough to be trapped in the entrance of the train until one of Simran’s friends opens the door. Throughout their wait, Raj flirts with Simran to no avail. Search me, why of all the passengers that could possibly open that door…it just so happened to be a friend of Simran’s. Raj tells his friends how he ‘wooed’ her, and Simran tells her friends what a ‘loser’ he was. They all go to an opera afterwards…


And at that opera, we see a wonderful example of budget cuts. The only singer onstage is wearing a purple and yellow dress that Mrs. Potts herself would be ashamed to be seen in. Raj and his friends end up sitting with Simran and her friends…Raj flirts with the girl who let him into the train…and goes on about his wonderful piano skills. Simran listens, and decides to walk onstage to tell the audience that they have a special treat, a professional pianist…Raj.

Raj makes a fool of himself, and just when Simran thinks she’s taught him a lesson…he reveals that he actually can carry a note or two (a note…or two. Frankly, there isn’t much playing, and it’s certainly not good enough to leave an entire room of opera fanatics in awe. I guess they were probably all pretty drunk…after seeing that weird nightmare of a dress earlier, who wouldn’t want to get a bit wasted?)

Raj breaks into a musical number, and a bunch of chicks in little red dresses rush onstage to join in…later joined by that god-awful fashion nightmare…I mean opera singer. (Not only is the outfit tacky, but she’s wearing a pink wig to boot.)

Later on, Simran and Raj miss the next train…because Raj decides to annoy Simran so profusely that she loses all track of time pouting. They part ways, much to Raj’s chagrin…and later on, Raj ends up saving Simran from a few cops on the side of the road who demand to see her passport. I guess being brown in the middle of Europe automatically makes you foreign enough to get cops suspicious. Damn those Indians, always trying to steal France’s baguettes!

In their travels, they end up in a barn overnight. It starts snowing, and their fire is extinguished. So Raj pulls out some alcohol and has a swig to keep himself warm. Simran judges him harshly, being a proper Indian girl…and Raj goes to sleep. He is awoken by a drunken Simran (apparently the prospect of freezing was a bit more frightening than making a fool of herself.)


Another musical number, Simran wreaks havoc across Europe passing out Biscotti and breaking store windows. Raj is forced to buy her a dress…which looks an awful lot like the outfits the item number girls in the last song were wearing. They wake up in a hotel room the next day, and Raj pretends they slept together. Simran has a fit, he apologizes, and explains that he is ‘Hindustani’ and would never take advantage of a girl (this comes up often in Bollywood films. Through their rose-colored glasses, no real Indian man would take advantage of a girl.)

They meet up with their friends again, and at this point…predictably both are in love. It is only when they part ways that they realize this. But poor Simran is supposed to get married to another man! She tells her mother about Raj, and her father overhears. In a fit of anger, he sells the house and drags the family off to India a bit early. Raj realizes he can’t live without Simran, and finds her. He hatches a scheme to convince Simran’s parents to both give her hand in marriage to him…


And what happens next? Watch the movie. All-in-all, I give it 7/10 Bindis…mainly because I just love SRK and Masala flicks.


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