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Sargam (1979)

This is a Hindi remake of a Telugu film (Siri Siri Muvva), according to the dubious source known as ‘Wikipedia’ and the more valid source known as IMDB. Both films star Jayapradha, and might I just say…she was a marvelous dancer. At the time that Sargam was made, she couldn’t speak much Hindi…but that wasn’t really called for anyway, as her character is conveniently mute.


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Do Ankhen Barah Haath (1957)

I keep expecting huge disappointments from black-and-white Hindi classics, but time and again…I find a wonderful film that inspires me to find more such as them. Rather, I thought this was just going to be a moral lesson on the depth of humanity, and perhaps with a few repetitive self-indulgent speeches on the part of the writer. Fortunately, quite the contrary, I loved this film.

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Bunty Aur Babli (2005)

At the urging of several acquaintances, I finally got around to watching Bunty Aur Babli. The film started, and a thought entered my mind…One quarter of the movies Amitabh is in seem to have him narrating at some point. That’s something you don’t see in American movies anymore. Sometime in the early 1990’s, it sort of died out altogether (two cookies go to a person who can name a mainstream Hollywood movie made less than a decade ago that had narrating in it.) This was by no means a work of art. It was entertaining though, I’ll give them that.

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Amar Prem (1972)

I haven’t had very good experiences with Rajesh Khanna movies. I don’t know what it is, but I always found them incredibly boring and drawn out halfway through. But this movie redeemed that classical actor in my mind, and with good reason. Sharmila Tagore plays her role quite well as the beaten down, yet redeeming young woman who goes on living despite it all. From an abusive husband to a heartless mother to a brothel…this movie is worth watching from beginning to end a dozen times over.

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Gol Maal (1979)

Lately I’ve been on an Amol Palekar kick…unintentionally. Gol Maal was something I decided to watch based on a few user ratings on Netflix…though this can be an iffy science, I had a gut feeling that I would probably enjoy this…and did I? Yes. Tremendously. Very similar to the last movie (Chhoti Si Baat) and many others, Amol plays the ‘common man’, a role he was generally best at. Realistic, softly charming, and humerous. Gol Maal was a sweet, comical, fun movie…and here’s why…

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Top 10 Movies to Watch on a Rainy Day

It’s easy to rate a movie I watch, summarize, and determine whether or not I really enjoyed it…but it takes serious effort to compose lists of favorites in any category. Even to say ‘my favorite movie is-‘ or ‘my favorite book is-‘ can be the question of the century without any definite answer. You might like one romantic film more than one horror flick for one reason, and prefer the other movie for yet another reason. So here goes, my top 10 Bollywood movies for a rainy day…when there’s just nothing you can do but sit at home and snuggle up with a bowl of popcorn and a bottle of Thums Up…

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Badaltey Rishtey (1978)

I must admit, whenever I see a movie with ‘Asrani’ in the intro credits…I get excited. And why is this? Because I’ve yet to see an Asrani movie I didn’t like. No, he’s not a director…it’s G. Asrani, an actor who never got the big roles…but you always remember his face in movies. He was in Chhoti Si Baat, if you’ll remember. I tried checking out Wikipedia to see if there might have been any pre-summarized info on this movie, but all I found were basic credits…suffice it to say, a girl falls in love…but finds out that her husband is destined to die within 40 days of her marriage. So what does she do? Find a guy she doesn’t really care for, and marry him. Now this may seem like a horribly evil thing to do (I mean, if she was decent…she’d spend the rest of her life single, so such a fate wouldn’t happen to anyone…) So let’s see if what she does is right or wrong…

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