Badaltey Rishtey (1978)

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Badaltey Rishtey (1978)
Directed by: Raghunath (or R.) Jhalani
Starring: Rishi Kapoor, Reena Roy, Jeetendra, Asrani, A.K. Hangal


I must admit, whenever I see a movie with ‘Asrani’ in the intro credits…I get excited. And why is this? Because I’ve yet to see an Asrani movie I didn’t like. No, he’s not a director…it’s G. Asrani, an actor who never got the big roles…but you always remember his face in movies. He was in Chhoti Si Baat, if you’ll remember. I tried checking out Wikipedia to see if there might have been any pre-summarized info on this movie, but all I found were basic credits…suffice it to say, a girl falls in love…but finds out that her husband is destined to die within 40 days of her marriage. So what does she do? Find a guy she doesn’t really care for, and marry him. Now this may seem like a horribly evil thing to do (I mean, if she was decent…she’d spend the rest of her life single, so such a fate wouldn’t happen to anyone…) So let’s see if what she does is right or wrong…vlcsnap-308377

A chance meeting…Manohar (Rishi Kapoor) and Savitri (Reena Roy) both try to buy their train tickets at the same time. Their hands get stuck in the ticket window…is it just me, or is Rishi in the habit of love at first sight? Well, it’s a bit difficult to follow (the subtitles are very slow…but nothing compared to the horrible subtitles in a shoddy library copy of Abhimaan…which, by the grace of god, I somehow managed to finish and enjoy anyway.) 



Savitri heads home, throwing many viewers for a loop. Could it be? YES! Rishi Kapoor is in fact NOT the focus of a movie for once! So Savitri encounters a friend on the way, and they chat a bit about tuitions…The Dorian Scale…Savitri’s brother, Anup (Asrani.) They head for her house and bother Anup…

Meanwhile, Manohar arrives late to work…and receives a bit of chastising from his boss.vlcsnap-321152

Here I’m brought back to the topic of subtitles. Normally, slow subbing is annoying and confusing…but I can deal with it, because I have patience when it comes to a good movie…but when there isn’t even indication between the line of one character and another, I get irritated. That’s the whole purpose of putting dashes to the left of the line, so you know when one man stops speaking…and the other begins. There don’t seem to be many dashes in this, so be warned…if you watch Badaltey Rishtey, you’ll need to base most of your understanding on what everyone is saying by logic…though I’m given to ponder why the hell I need to waste half a minute trying to place lines to characters when I’m supposed to be paying attention to the story…

Manohar encounters Savitri in the market, interrogates her about her eggs, and asks her for her address so he can give her better deals for her groceries. He COULD have just told her he liked her and wanted to know where she lived, but he also could have caught his train in the beginning of the movie…but he didn’t, and here we are.

I wonder the budget for this movie. 5 rupees? 6? For a movie made in 1978, the picture quality is absolutely horrid. However, not so awful that you can’t pick out characters…it just looks a decade older than it really is (minus the swinging style of the 60’s…)

Manohar arrives at Savitri’s house…with eggs…in a questionably wrinkled brown bag. She takes the eggs and slams the door in his face.vlcsnap-326726

Sagar Singh (Jeetendra) arrives home to his family, and they’re all happy to see him. His mother also wants him to get married. Conveniently enough, Savitri arrives at his house to see Prema. It’s love at first sight for Sagar too. Oy vey…So Prema pulls out a radio with a tape of Savitri singing, and presses play…Sagar listens and stares at Savitri all the while.vlcsnap-327925

Later, Anup is getting his fortune read by ‘Professor’ (A.K. Hangal). The future looks well, though it’s possible that his mother might have a horrible accident later. No matter. Next, it’s Savitri’s turn…and this is when she finds out-absolutely nothing. Oh well. Who cares about drama? Let’s get to the cheesy romance with Manohar…

Savitri doesn’t let Manohar in, but her brother comes along…and Manohar pretends he came there so he could have his office painted…then, seemingly without reason…flip back to Sagar, where he listens to a tape of Savitri singing, and is busy painting her…This boy has it bad.

So Anut gets some money, per the predictions of his fortune, and decides to celebrate with Kheer (rice pudding)…and as we all know, Kheer is a party food. I sure know whenever I want to get my jiggy on, I just pull out some Kheer and go wild. (I can’t believe I just said ‘get my jiggy on’.)

Savitri is the music teacher for Prema, Sagar’s sister…so when she drops by, he cant’ help but listen. Back to Manohar, once more at Savitri’s house begging for attention…talking of eggs and loneliness…and hens…and going to the park together. The next bit in the park is cute, so I won’t ruin it for you…suffice it to say, Rishi pours on the charm…and tells Savitri he loves her. Now, the normal world, an intelligent girl would consider this ‘creepy’…but later on, of course…Savitri falls for him. Well…at least he didn’t put posters of her everywhere…

Need I mention the music? It’s nice. Classical…soft…slightly boring. I realize this remark seemed out of place, but the music had to be mentioned at some point…vlcsnap-340470

The Professor is the father of Champa, Savitri’s best friend…he has resisted admitting what the stars say for Savitri’s eventual marriage…but Chandra wheedles it out of him…after 40 days of marriage, Savitri’s husband will die. She’s going to re-marry afterwards…and be quite happy. So how about them apples? Is it going to come true? Who will she marry first? I guess you’ll have to watch it for yourself to find out. Now, I didn’t really ‘like’ this movie, but I didn’t hate it (as I hated Yeh Vaada Raha, oddly enough…with the same lead actor.) My final verdict is 5 out of 10 bindis…


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  • 1. Amit  |  May 6, 2009 at 12:38 am

    He was in Koshish too.

    • 2. ranranami  |  May 6, 2009 at 3:35 am

      Oh I know, he played the horrible older brother. It’s one of my favorite movies, unsurprisingly.

  • 3. bollywooddeewana  |  May 21, 2009 at 10:09 pm

    sometimes the movies have a good quality but they transfer badly onto dvd, shemaroo is one dvd comapny where all the movies transfer excellently and cleanly

  • 4. shail  |  November 7, 2009 at 4:21 am

    i liked the movie very much. it was good for those times. I would give 7.5/10.

    • 5. ranranami  |  November 7, 2009 at 4:48 am

      To each his own.


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