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Sawan Bhadon (1970)

Rekha isn’t/wasn’t a classic beauty. She is certainly not ugly either, but her face is definitely what one would call unique. I’ve heard her described by some as ‘cat-like’ and others as ‘just plain creepy’. I think ‘lovely’ might be a decent descriptive term in a fashion, but ‘elegant’ definitely sums her up in my mind. She became quite famous for this particular movie in Bollywood. She’d already had an acting career, but Sawan Bhadon really gave her a jump-start into fame. (I have a theory that she is also a vampire…because the woman DOES NOT AGE.)


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Teen Batti Chaar Raasta (1953)

Having recently reviewed a movie directed by and starring V. Shantaram, I didn’t realize this film was also directed by him as well until I watched the credits. Let me just say, V. Shantaram could very well be one of the best directors of all time.

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