Who ‘is’ Ranran?

Let’s start with my username, Ranranami. I used to absolutely adore Japanese Animation, and thus took the name ‘Ranran’ from a character in a show. On a website I used to hang out on, I told people to call me Ami. I combined the two and got: Ranranami. And Ranranbolly in the address is obviously from mixing ‘Ranranami’ with ‘Bollywood’. Simple, right?

My mother is a theatre teacher. My grandmother is a retired nurse/actress. My other grandmother saw to it that I had a healthy love for black-and-white classics. The first movie I remember seeing was ‘It Happened One Night’, and it was also the first movie I ever made heavy references to in daily conversations with other childhood friends who had no idea what I was talking about. I am a film buff. I am an actor. I am a writer. And sometimes I am a director.

No, I haven’t made any movies (yet), but I’ve written short plays and had them performed by friends at college/high school. I’m 19, and my name is Maddy…for short. My full first name is Madeliene, but since people are in the habit of mispelling it, I use Maddy to make things a bit easier. I am a sophomore in college, and am working on my associates degree in Musical Theatre. After this, I’ll get my bachelors…and soon I’ll declare my minor as ‘Radio, Film and Television’. I’ve wanted to direct/write/act since I was twelve. I’ve wanted to direct/write/act in films since I was 14. And I’ve wanted to direct/write/act in Bollywood films since I was 18.

I saw my first Indian film the day before my 19th birthday. It was ‘Om Shanti Om’…and I fell in love. My main reason for even watching it was the fact that I wanted to watch something new, and I thought SRK’s smile reminded me a lot of Danny Kaye…my favorite American comedian. After OSO came Don, and after ‘Don’ came ‘Amar, Akbar, Anthony’. Etcetera…etcetera.

What else can I say about myself? I operate a webcomic…I can’t keep my bed made to save my life… and…well, I guess you’ll find out what SORT of person I am when you read my reviews.dsc05247


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