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Mrityudand (1997)

No country makes better movies about women’s suffrage and discrimination than India. Water/Fire/Earth, Lajja, Amar Prem (sorta), etc. And why not? It’s dramatic, and if Bollywood movies are anything…they’re dramatic (some might say melodramatic, and in many cases that’s true too.) Prompted by the fact that Madhuri is such an amazing dancer (really…if you haven’t seen any Madhuri movies, you’re missing out.) Now, while in some rights this film is nowhere near as intense as Water (for certain…reasons…) it has some wonderful elements to it, which makes the movie an all-round good film.


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Sadma (1983)

I mainly rented this movie to catch a glimpse of Paintal, but I also ended up thoroughly enjoying this. I had to double-check the year it was released, because honestly…the film quality, and especially for an Indian film made in the early 80’s, it is incredibly crisp. Possibly one of the best-preserved Hindi films over the age of 20 that I’ve ever seen. It’s even managed to bump the 80’s up a notch in my list. Sadma is a remake of an earlier Tamil film (by about a year) ‘Moondram Pirai.’

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Anokhi Raat (1968)

After a very long vacation (due partially to packing up and getting ready to move) I have returned with another review. With a pretty abrupt beginning, one particular aspect of this movie stands out to me. The clear, sharp quality of the film.

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Sawan Bhadon (1970)

Rekha isn’t/wasn’t a classic beauty. She is certainly not ugly either, but her face is definitely what one would call unique. I’ve heard her described by some as ‘cat-like’ and others as ‘just plain creepy’. I think ‘lovely’ might be a decent descriptive term in a fashion, but ‘elegant’ definitely sums her up in my mind. She became quite famous for this particular movie in Bollywood. She’d already had an acting career, but Sawan Bhadon really gave her a jump-start into fame. (I have a theory that she is also a vampire…because the woman DOES NOT AGE.)

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Teen Batti Chaar Raasta (1953)

Having recently reviewed a movie directed by and starring V. Shantaram, I didn’t realize this film was also directed by him as well until I watched the credits. Let me just say, V. Shantaram could very well be one of the best directors of all time.

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Sargam (1979)

This is a Hindi remake of a Telugu film (Siri Siri Muvva), according to the dubious source known as ‘Wikipedia’ and the more valid source known as IMDB. Both films star Jayapradha, and might I just say…she was a marvelous dancer. At the time that Sargam was made, she couldn’t speak much Hindi…but that wasn’t really called for anyway, as her character is conveniently mute.

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Do Ankhen Barah Haath (1957)

I keep expecting huge disappointments from black-and-white Hindi classics, but time and again…I find a wonderful film that inspires me to find more such as them. Rather, I thought this was just going to be a moral lesson on the depth of humanity, and perhaps with a few repetitive self-indulgent speeches on the part of the writer. Fortunately, quite the contrary, I loved this film.

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