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Sadma (1983)

I mainly rented this movie to catch a glimpse of Paintal, but I also ended up thoroughly enjoying this. I had to double-check the year it was released, because honestly…the film quality, and especially for an Indian film made in the early 80’s, it is incredibly crisp. Possibly one of the best-preserved Hindi films over the age of 20 that I’ve ever seen. It’s even managed to bump the 80’s up a notch in my list. Sadma is a remake of an earlier Tamil film (by about a year) ‘Moondram Pirai.’


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Anokhi Raat (1968)

After a very long vacation (due partially to packing up and getting ready to move) I have returned with another review. With a pretty abrupt beginning, one particular aspect of this movie stands out to me. The clear, sharp quality of the film.

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Do Ankhen Barah Haath (1957)

I keep expecting huge disappointments from black-and-white Hindi classics, but time and again…I find a wonderful film that inspires me to find more such as them. Rather, I thought this was just going to be a moral lesson on the depth of humanity, and perhaps with a few repetitive self-indulgent speeches on the part of the writer. Fortunately, quite the contrary, I loved this film.

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Gol Maal (1979)

Lately I’ve been on an Amol Palekar kick…unintentionally. Gol Maal was something I decided to watch based on a few user ratings on Netflix…though this can be an iffy science, I had a gut feeling that I would probably enjoy this…and did I? Yes. Tremendously. Very similar to the last movie (Chhoti Si Baat) and many others, Amol plays the ‘common man’, a role he was generally best at. Realistic, softly charming, and humerous. Gol Maal was a sweet, comical, fun movie…and here’s why…

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Bandhe Haath (1973)

The plot doesn’t sound original. A thief decides to change his ways, after stealing a fortune worth of jewels…he poses as a poet, and finds out that he happens to look exactly like said poet. He falls in love, and an inspector is out to prove that he’s not the real poet, but a thief instead. From such a description, I expected something mediocre at best…but since I love duel role movies, I gave it a shot. At first, I won’t lie…I was somewhat bored by the events, but once I got past the 40 minute mark…it really picked up.

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Chhoti Si Baat (1975)

The dvd cover is…patchy. The contrast leans too far towards white, and basically it seems like the picture is incredibly faded. This very reason made me want to steer clear of this movie…making me wonder whether I’d be able to see anything at all, or it would be a choppy and blinding film…I’m sure glad I decided to watch this movie anyway. Surprisingly enough, it’s one of the best preserved movies from the 70’s I’ve ever seen (the sort of movie that astonishes you when you find out how old it is.) The main reason I rented this was for Amol Palekar…you know…the guy who directed and helped write Paheli? Yeah. That’s the one.

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Jab We Met (2007)

The camera work in this movie is unique, and definitely something to watch for. If you’re a fan of technical work in a film production, ’Jab We Met’ has a few goodies. I really resisted seeing this movie because it had so many recommendations (when people really set up a movie for you, it tends to be a let-down) but when I finally did manage to see it, I was glad I did.

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